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I'm a Fine Arts major and I dabble in various art forms. I'm currently in a creative writing class and I plan to post everything I finish on here. I'm also lazy as heck and I really need to get around posting my art and writing my many other stories.

I've created the Sleepcraft comic which is currently on hiatus until I find my tablet stuff and then it's due for an update and redraw of the panels (possibly GIFs even ooooh~)




Old accounts:


Current status of works:

Zee Cake is a Lie! (WIP)

Halo: Forgotten Souls (postponed)

Fallouts are not Romantic (postponed)

Laundry Day (WIP)

All existing art (waiting to be scanned)
I'm gonna work on trying to get back into everything, now that I've lost my job and one of my classes is online and another is a creative writing class I plan to start posting stuff again. Starting with my writings for my class. I'm just gonna start with my writings I have (ALL of them, even the shitty and unfinished ones). Then I'm gonna work on getting my art into here. So keep a heads up when things start coming around. I'm just gonna spam my available writings (save for ones I'm working on).

So as it turns out the only thing I had on here was that essay I just posted??? Apparently everything must be on my laptop unless it got wiped out or I deleted it. Either way looks like I'll have to wait for Christmas to come around for all that other stuff unless I can find a working battery pack so I can at least transfer the docs to a drive. Think I might start doing that actually just so I don't lose anything again, ugh.

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hi. Our mutual friend :iconportuguesedevil: said you wanted to join my group.
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Hey man, yeah I was thinking about it. That is if you'd be willing to have me join
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You know what Wuxia is, correct?
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shits so good but so nerve wracking 
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Haha howdy, sorry for the late reply as well as the late follow college y'know it's a real drag
Epula-Daug Featured By Owner Aug 3, 2013  Hobbyist Traditional Artist
So youre the right person, ori, right, its been a while since edgewater.  It was kinda difficult to find you after i found out your deviant art acc is different from your other stuffs.  The funny thing is i remembered because your watching my old account.  On my new acc ive been adding some stuff and my story is coming together nicely.
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